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emperor, Hude immediately alarmed. Phoenix nine deep and asked Do you miss it, at home Jia Ding said Back to the emperor, she was already half a month did not go home. Ah do not believe in Feng nine deep, rushed shouted Si Ju, Ju thought, do not be angry friends, I apologize to you, okay Mrs. Liu heard the news came out, see the phoenix nine deep, also hastened to salute, said Ju think really did not go home. Feng asked nine deep is not her uncle over fifty birthday, to congratulate the Liu Yi Leng, said just Cisco Certification over two weeks ago Jianqie brothers fifty birthday, this is how to start Phoenix nine deep as the heart suddenly lost something, then think of Du Green March, he immediately big fear, dark, said You Cisco Business Value Specialist it exam must not learn her, do not, if I run, I will not forgive you never...... Mrs. Liu to see him mourning soul lost soul, nor dare to ask how he was, but said perhaps to the temple. Phoenix oh nine deep twice, wildly out of the wind Liu Fu, and rushed toward the temple. Grand National Division is not, MND Cisco Business Value Specialist Palace page boy told him, thinking chrysanthemum never been. It was gone Phoenix nine deep really panic. This Layton said It Communicator with her Phoenix nine deep cursed himself confused anxious to think Ju sent a communication. He thought Daisy thought wou.

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